January 08, 2010

Harry Potter Party!

Last Wednesday, I held a Harry Potter themed party for my friends, a sort of pre-New Years celebration. A tad random, but what better way is there to start the New Year than by eating lots of Harry Potter food with friends?

So... I'm crazy about themes. I'm someone who gets excited by holidays, seasonal changes, and anything else associated with a theme. Around Thanksgiving, I came up with the idea of having a Harry Potter party, inspired by 1) the Harry Potter party in the movie "Yes Man" (youtube clip at the bottom of this post, if you're curious) and 2) reading about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park within a theme park that's set to open Spring 2010 in Universal Orlando (which I'm very very excited about).

With ideas of drinking butterbeer and eating pumpkin pasties in real life floating around in my brain, I decided that it was very necessary that I throw this Harry Potter party. So in my next few posts, I'll be sharing with you Harry Potter themed recipes from my party, from a Sorting Hat shaped bread to Golden Snitch cake pops. Today, I'll share with you the simplest but most easily recognized recipe of the bunch: Butterbeer.

Harry Potter Butterbeer

4 cups creme soda
4 cups ginger ale
1 cup butterscotch syrup (or more)

Pour the creme soda and ginger ale in a large bowl or pitcher and mix. Throughly mix in the butterscotch syrup so it doesn't all sink to the bottom. Try a bit, and add more butterscotch syrup if not to taste. Once the butterscotch quantity is sufficient, add ice and serve.
Serves 8.

Pre-Made Dishes
I want to mention that many of the dishes I served weren't actually made from scratch, which made hosting the party much easier for me to handle.

Gillyweed Salad: Two seaweed salads I picked up at a Korean supermarket. They're pictured above, the platter under the mincemeat pie picture. I know the green seaweed salad (the one on the right) is also sold at Japanese supermarkets, labeled "wakame salad".

Mincemeat Pies: I ran out of time to make my own mincemeat pies, so I picked up a package of these Walker's brand pies at Cost Plus World Market.

Every Flavor Beans: Much to the relief of my friends, these weren't actually the Bertha Bott's Every Flavor Beans, but just a regular pack of 50 flavor jellybeans. I did try looking for the actual Every Flavor Beans but I couldn't find them anywhere...

Gummy Frogs: I sadly also didn't have time to make chocolate frogs, so instead I purchased a bag of gummy frogs that I also found at Cost Plus World Market.

Licorice Wands: Pretty straight forward. I wasn't too sure what licorice wands look like, so I just got a pack of Red Vines and deemed them "licorice wands".

"Roast" Chicken: This dish was half homemade and half pre-made. The reason for the quotation marks is that this chicken was actually a rotisserie chicken bought from Costco, not a roasted chicken. But I surrounded the chicken with a variety of veggies that my mom quickly sauteed for me right before the party started.

Hot Cocoa: Since I wanted to provide a hot drink in contrast to the ice cold butterbeer, I asked my friends to pick up some instant hot chocolate mix on the way to the party. So on the table, I placed the packets of cocoa next to a teapot of hot water and nifty broomstick stirrers that I made out of trimmed bamboo skewers and raffia.


  1. looks like it was an awesome party! =D

  2. You, are simply amazing. It must have been a BLAST attending that!

    Freshman year of college, our dorm had a HP theme dinner-- BUTTERBEER hands down, was the yummiest drink I've had in forever. What did you use for the wings of your quidditch pops?

  3. Wow...i wish i was invited to this party...so creative!

  4. yay! the butterbeer was delicious!! the menu is sooooo cute!!

  5. ILoveChocolateee!: haha, it was :D.

    Lisa: Thanks! Butterbeer was surprisingly good. Normally, I'm not fond of butterscotch, but it went really well with the cream soda and ginger ale. For the pops, I melted white candy melts and used a spoon to trace out wings on a piece of wax paper and waited for them to dry. I'll post about them later today.

    Michelle: Thanks you :D!

    Steph: It was, surprisingly! Hehe, thanks!

  6. Just came across your blog through foodgawker - love everything you've done, especially this post! I too am an undergrad with many of your "too many interests", and formerly very HP-obsessed! I love how you interpreted all the different dishes so simply yet creatively :D

  7. p.s. LOVE your illustrated menu, did you draw all those little foods yourself?

  8. Christina P.: It's so great to meet a fellow college student with so many of the same interests! Thank you for the kind comments! Hehe, I like my menu too. And yup, I did draw out all the foods on there.

    Anonymous: Hi :D.

  9. I love all the ideas. What's the next theme party going to be?

  10. JojoKrang: Hehe, thanks! I love planning parties, theme parties especially. Interesting question! I'm thinking a Roald Dahl party perhaps? Especially with all those cool creations from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! But that might not be a for while from now... I'm totally swamped this semester.

  11. oh my goodness. I just found your blog and its FANTASTIC. I love cooking, cute things, nerdy things and themes so this is completely perfect for me, I totally want to have a harry potter dinner now!

  12. where did you find the butterscotch syrup? i haven't been able to find it anywhere!

  13. Nystyacular: Haha, thanks! Having an HP-themed party was a blast; you should definitely try it out. It would have been even better if I asked all my friends to dress up :D.

    Anonymous: I used Smucker's Sundae Syrup. I think I found it at Walmart. It looks like this: http://static.jmslinks.com/product/images/5150002511.gif. I'm guessing it'd be found near the ice cream toppings at a supermarket.

  14. i am totally going to try your butterbeer! i love your blog! it's supercute!

  15. This is the CUTEST thing I’ve seen in weeks. LOVE THIS!! I think I want to throw a party now… Harry Potter Party Supplies

  16. thanks for the great ideas


  17. Oh thank you for this! I am going to throw a Harry Potter party to celebrate the release of the final HP movie, and this will clear up the recipe problem. In the famous word of the supermegafoxyawesomehot Darren Criss, it's gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME!

  18. Lauren: Yay!

    dancilhoney: Haha, thanks.

    Anonymous: No prob!

    icefox: The final movie is almost here! I'm so excited :). Yes, totally awesome!

  19. This post inspired me to throw my very own Harry Potter themed party! I made my own version of some of your ideas. I gave you credit at the beginning of the post, but if you would like me to do anything else, don't hesitate to tell me! I did the name/URL thingie, so just click on Debora if you want to see what I made.
    Thank you for being so awesome and inspiring!

  20. Isn't the beans "Bertie Bott's every flavour beans"? rather than Bertha

  21. I am using all of these for my birthday. See, I live with a bunch of Muggles, so I had to convince them it was all safe.
    and you should figure out the recipe for
    Thank you!
    - Emily