April 17, 2016

Golden State Warriors Lemon Curd Cake

This cake has been a long time coming! Every year, when the NBA playoffs come around, I always think about making a Warriors-themed cake (not sure why these thoughts don't pop up during the regular season, haha). But I always find myself busy with one thing or another and it never happens. This year I have no excuse! I'm currently on vacation before residency starts and one of my goals is to work on this blog and catch up on all the baking ideas I've had stored up… hopefully.

Additionally, I finally started using Instagram this past year (follow me: @diamondsfordessert :D!), and not too long ago, I discovered Joy the Baker's account @drakeoncake!!! It's the best, seriously. I was listening to music and 0 to 100 came on and I thought, you know what would be even better than Drake + Cake? Drake + Dubs + Cake!

I been Steph Curry with the shot
Been cookin' with the sauce
Chef Curry with the pot, boy
360 with the wrist, boy

So there you go. It was either 0 to 100 or Summer Sixteen :). Originally I was going to do a blueberry lemon cake, but the blueberry frosting ended up being a lot of work and not very blueberry-ish. So it ended up being a lemon cake with blue frosting (still looking for a good blueberry frosting!), but still yummy with the tart lemon curd filling. I ended up making a mini cake, but included the instructions for a full sized cake, a mini cake, and cupcakes (in case you're not up to making a full sized cake, but still want to try this recipe). Enjoy!

P. S. And yes, it is raining 3s in the background. I didn't want to wait for online shipping to buy basketball themed paper, so I made my own. Also, go Dubs! Happy NBA Playoffs :).