May 19, 2012

A Italia!

No new recipe today. Just wanted to let you all know, I'm off to the land of tiramis├╣, pizza, gelato, and Nutella for the next two weeks, in case you wonder why there aren't any new posts during that time.

I'll be visiting Rome, Florence, and Venice, and I was wondering if any of you had any advice in regards to these three cities? Restaurant recommendations, must see places, things to buy, tips for taking the train, etc? All suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

I hope to bring back some Italy-inspired recipes to post. Ci vediamo!

May 08, 2012

Parks and Recreation Cookies

I'm a huge fan of Parks and Recreation. It's definitely my favorite show on TV right now (I love TV comedies... a lot).

Characters (L->R): Donna, Leslie, Ann, April, Andy, Tom, Ben, Ron, Jerry, Chris

If you've never watched it before, Parks and Rec is about a group of people working for the Department of Parks and Recreation in the fictional city of Pawnee, Indiana. What makes the show great are the quirky characters, the awesome pop culture references, all those slow head shakes and deadpan stares (Ben and April especially), and the plethora of continued gags & jokes (Zorp and the Reasonabilists, the creepy City Hall 4th Floor, the absurdly offensive murals, snooty rival city Eagleton, the library, the love for Li'l Sebastian, etc.).

I decided to make cookies based on characters in the show, much like I did for my Glee Cookies. It just seems fitting since I adore the show's characters so much. Tom and Ron have the best lines, so it was difficult to pick just one to use on the images above and below this blurb. Though Leslie and Ben are cute together, my favorite couple on the show has to be April and Andy! By the way, the Ron cookie is wearing his "got lucky" Tiger Woods-ish red polo, haha. Enjoy!

P.S. If you've decided to start watching, it's better to start from the 2nd season rather than the 1st. (It doesn't become the awesome show it is now until the 2nd season; they made a huge comeback after mixed reviews in regards to the 1st season.)
P.P.S. I'm sort of wishing I made a Jean-Ralphio cookie...  Orin and Tammy II as well :).
P.P.P.S. If you're a Parks and Rec fan and haven't checked out Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America, it's great. Oh and Tom Haverfoods!