April 03, 2010

Chicks & Bunnies

Happy Easter! When I think of Easter, I always picture little yellow chicks and pastel bunnies hopping around a green field with candy eggs hidden between tufts of grass, the type of scene found printed on Easter candy bags. I went candy shopping yesterday and realized that there are so many Easter candies out there, it was quite difficult to pick just one or two*.

Anyway, last Easter, after seeing Bakerella's adorable chick cake pops, I felt inspired to translate them into cookie form. This year, I improved on last year's design** by cleaning it up a little. These Easter chicks are actually very easy to decorate. The great thing is that they don't require any fancy cookie cutters, just a circle cutter will do. Other than that, add some yellow and orange icing and a couple of sprinkles and that's it!

Making Chicks
circle cookies made from sugar cookie dough
sugar cookie icing
yellow food coloring
orange food coloring
yellow heart sprinkles
orange heart sprinkles
purple nonpareils

After the cookies have cooled, make the sugar cookie icing. Take a little bit of it and tint it orange, set aside. Tint the rest of the icing yellow. With a spoon, spread yellow icing on the cookies to the border of the cookies. Then add the sprinkles as shown above: yellow hearts for wings, orange hearts for feet, and purple sprinkles for eyes. Wait for icing to dry. Lastly, take a toothpick and dot on the beaks.

Last Easter's Cookies (April 2009)**:

*By the way, I ended up picking up some neon pink Bunny Peeps and egg-shaped Reeses Pieces. I was wondering if any of you had some Easter candy favorites that you could recommend? That way I can make a better informed decision next year :D.


  1. aghhhhhhhhhhh these are sooooooo cute!!!! :( wish i was there to eat some. Hey are the egg-shaped Reeses Pieces any more delicious than the regular ones?

  2. oh man!!! those are super adorable...love them..will definately try to make some :)
    Wish u and ur family a very Happy Easter :)

  3. OH MY GOD! These are soooooo cute! I love their teeny-tiny faces!

    I have to do this with penguins for my friend. Thanks for the idea!

  4. YOU WIN...cutest cookies EVER! I love the chubby chicks!!!

  5. Steph: Hehe, I wish you were here too! I think the egg-shaped Reeses Pieces are yummier. They're bigger with a larger PB to chocolate ratio. So I guess if you ever thought to yourself "If only Reeses Pieces had more PB..." then you'll like them.

    B&D: Thanks. I hope you do make them. Happy Easter to you too!

    whisk-kid: That's a cute idea: penguins! I can totally picture them. Little purple or blue circles with yellow beaks and white bellies.

    Jamie: Haha, thanks. I think it is the chubbiness that makes them so cute, like little balloons of cuteness.

  6. Love the chicks with the round cutter! Next year!

  7. yahahahahah!! fat chickies with heart-shaped limbs! LOVE. do you think you could make them into CCC cookies? .....except, I dunno if CCCs would taste good with icing over them. >,<

  8. I love love love your cookies!!! They are so adorable and unique! Great job :) Looking forward to more of your creations! Happy Easter btw!

    Linda, MA

  9. Sue: Round cutters are quite useful! I hope you do try this out next year :).

    Mel: Yeah! The cuteness factor lies with the combo of chubbiness and the hearts. Maybe if I find a recipe for a crunchier CCC that doesn't really spread, more like chips ahoy, and use mini choco chips (to reduce bumpiness) then it can be done. Yeah, dunno if icing would taste good CCCs. I know it tastes pretty good on chocolate cookies though. I'll try this out next time you're home!

    Linda: Thank you! I look forward to creating more goodies as well. Happy Easter to you too!

  10. hey there (: these are really cute,
    and what kind of icing did you use for the yellow surface of the chick (:
    if i was to design this on a cake what would i use to replace the heart sprinkles for something bigger? if you know :D
    thanks soo muchhh :D

  11. What an adorable site! These are really cute but I love all your other cookies too, especially the turtles, christmas trees and vampires!

  12. x.infinite: I used my favorite almond icing that I usually use to decorate my sugar cookies (since I don't like the taste of royal icing), the link to the recipe is above. Wow, I love the idea of making this design into a cake!

    For giant hearts, I have a couple ideas. The first is to melt yellow and orange candy melts and pipe heart shapes onto a piece of parchment paper. The second is to bake yellow and orange heart cookies using my playdough cookie recipe. The last idea is to get starbursts/laffy taffy/airheads, warm them up a little between your hands so they're malleable, place between two sheets of parchment, flatten with a rolling pin, and when they're flat, cut hearts out with kitchen shears.

    Cindy: Thank you! I sometimes wonder if people will get tired with my making the same sugar cookies and just changing the designs, but I'm really glad to hear that you like them all!

    Amy: Hehe, thanks :D!

  13. Hi, I just found your blog by chance. It's FANTASTIC! I love all the cookies you make! I looked a bit back and also found your Harry Potter Puppet Pals cookies. They are tres cute!

    I'm going to follow you!

    Have a nice day!

  14. thanks for the tip ~!
    i would have never thought of it ><"
    i cant wait till i make it ;D

  15. These are just too cute to resist!

  16. Aya: Thank you!

    x.infinite: Hehe, it sounds pretty awesome.

    Alisa-Foodista: Thanks :).

  17. You make the cutest cookies EVER!

  18. YummyMangoTango: Thanks! Haha, you're sn is cute, like a Jamba Juice drink :).

  19. oops, *your, not "you're" :P

  20. Awesome!! With easter close, went searching for easter treats to make and found this. Also, had to mentioned on my blog.

  21. Zennic Designs: Thanks for the mention!